“Hate It Or Love It I’m Just That Guy.” Terence Crawford Opens Up On Twitter.

"Hate It Or Love It I’m Just That Guy." Terence Crawford Opens Up On Twitter.


Posted on 01/10/2024

By: Sean Crose

“Hate it or love it I’m just that guy,” welterweight conqueror Terence Crawford stated in a lengthy thread on Twitter Wednesday. “Anytime a fighter opens they mouth my name in it, so what does that tell you?” Crawford went on to address various arguments and assertions that have been made about and/or against him. Indeed, since becoming the undisputed welterweight champion of the world late last summer, Crawford has still taken heat from some on the internet and beyond. “I wish I could fight more than 1 time a year,” he wrote, “but these guys been running and hiding for years. Boxing nothing like it used to me (be) when everyone fought each other…I live in the gym. But my whole career these fighters been running behind people saying I’m on the wrong side of the street, call this guy call that guy! Make it make sense.”

Crawford went on to argue he rose to the top the old fashioned way, through hard work and sacrifice. “I fought everyone and everybody that was put on my table,” he said. “Never turned down a fight in my life. Even if it was late notice, moving up in weight. Short fighters, tall fighters, strong fighters, fast fighters, boxers, brawlers etc, I fought them all.” And Errol Spence’s eye issue? “Last I can recall,” said Crawford, “we definitely get our eyes checked before every fight I’m just saying. Any boxer would know that. But casual fans will say and make up anything.”

The fighter known as “Bud” then focused on top name potential competitors Jaron Ennis and Teofimo Lopez. “Like I said before @JaronEnnis had two opportunities to fight me. We talking about a kid that’s still fighting in the theater. Make it make sense,” he again said. “And @TeofimoLopez yo little bitch ass better worry about them little guys that’s on yo ass down there in yo weight class. It crazy every time I see yo hoe ass you don’t even look my way, but when you in front of a camera you got so much to say. You a pussy.” Crawford then threw another dig Lopez’ way. “Hey @TeofimoLopez,” wrote Crawford, “naw real shit good luck in yo fight. Focus on him because he can fight and I don’t want you to look bad worrying about me when you got other problems on yo hand.”

Crawford also added that he had medical issues, like Lopez, Spence and other high profile fighters. “Yea,” he said, “I need 3 surgeries that I haven’t got so do that makes me handicap as well?

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