Steve Unbanned in one Coinbox Each Month


Steve has been a controversial part of Smash Ultimate since his release. While he hasn’t been banned as a widespread move, some tournaments have decided to get rid of him. One of the most notable so far has been the Coinbox events. However, recently we’ve seen some movements on getting Steve unbanned at Coinbox though! Or at least at some Coinbox events.

The Coinbox series is a regular set of Smash Bros Ultimate esports events. These take place online, and they’re one of the few tournaments which came down hard on Steve. Recently the topic was opened back up by organizers Hungrybox though. It seems it has led to Steve unbanned at one Coinbox per month!

Steve Unbanned Coinbox

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Steve Unbanned in One Coinbox Each Month

After some deliberation over recent months, Hungrybox has made some changes to the Coinbox rulesets. Most notably, Steve is unbanned! At least he’s unbanned for a few events. The character isn’t getting unbanned from the tournament as a whole. However, there will be opportunities for those who want to play Steve.

The very first Coinbox of each month in 2024 will see Steve unbanned. We’re going to get tournaments with Steve live, but only a quarter of them. This is a sort of halfway between unbanning him as a whole. Great news for Steve mains, including some of the best Smash players. However, keeping him unbanned in 3 sticks to the original decision about the character.

Steve’s bans are largely a western feature. The fact that Japan hasn’t really considered a ban is part of Hungrybox’s reasoning for changing up the ban. The character’s ban hasn’t become as widespread as some expected. It’s hard to deny he’s one of (if not the) best characters in the game though. Few will argue with his dominance in the now permanent build of the game. Getting Steve unbanned in one Coinbox each month will definitely spice things up for these events though.

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