How To Build The Best Lacrosse Team For High School

How To Build The Best Lacrosse Team For High School


Organized sports require team members to form strong bonds and work towards a shared goal to achieve optimal performance.

The way players interact with one another can have a significant impact on the team’s overall success. Therefore, team building practices are essential to facilitate better communication, motivation, group problem-solving, and breaking down barriers between individuals.

Teams can use these strategies to gel during the off-season to prepare for spring lacrosse.

Lacrosse, the fastest-growing team sport in the U.S., can be challenging to start or grow in regions where it has yet to reach its peak popularity.

However, introducing lacrosse to a school can expand the range of sports offerings and generate interest in the game. Lacrosse is a budding sport in the Midwest, and 2018 marked the first year it was officially recognized as a state-sanctioned sport in Illinois.

What Is Lacrosse?


Lacrosse, the oldest sport in America, combines elements of basketball, soccer, and hockey. It’s a game that anyone can play, regardless of size, requiring coordination and agility rather than brute strength.

Quickness and speed are highly valued in the sport, known for their fast pace, constant action, and a combination of long sprints, precise passing, and dodges in both men’s and women’s lacrosse.

To be successful in lacrosse, one must master the crosse, a stick used for throwing, catching, and scooping the ball.

Moreover, youth participation in the sport increased by over 138% in the United States since 2001. The count went up to almost 300,000 lacrosse. It is one of the fastest-growing team sports in the country.

The availability of sports equipment on online platforms like has made it possible for high schools to arrange the best for their teams.

The NCAA has also seen growth in lacrosse, with 557 college teams in 2009 and over 500 college club programs, including almost 200 women’s groups competing at the US Lacrosse Intercollegiate Associates level.

Lacrosse has an estimated 228,000 high school players and is a popular sport in the United States and the British Commonwealth.

Tips To Build A High School Lacrosse Team


Given below are some of the top tips that will help you build an excellent lacrosse team for high school—

1. Train The Team Well

Teams that stick together tend to emerge victorious in high school lacrosse. To gear up for spring lacrosse, commence indoor training with your squad this winter.

You must utilize this period to elevate your game and enhance your overall performance.

Training groups, such as faceoff specialists, defensemen, or attackmen, can establish their subcultures. These subcultures mirror the unique personalities of the coaches and players.

Moreover, it empowers athletes who may need help to assume a leadership role to exert influence within your group and bolsters their self-assurance and performance. You can ensure a successful spring season by cultivating a cohesive culture within the team.

2. Use Social Media To Get Good Players

Major sports clubs leverage social media’s power to expand their brand and appeal to young audiences. This is because the Gen-Zs spend considerable time on these platforms.

Therefore, by sharing positive news, updates, and stories about your programs and featuring lacrosse content from collegiate and professional teams, you can inspire and attract potential young players in their area.

Through strategic social media content, sports clubs can effectively reach out to their target audience and create a strong brand image while nurturing the next generation of athletes.

3. Remove All The Myths


MacIntosh believes that the cost of entry to lacrosse is often overestimated. Fortunately, the US Lacrosse website offers a comprehensive guide to help people find clubs and teams.

Moreover, McGuire’s presentation provides a comprehensive understanding of the sport for those just starting.

On the first day, the freshman team provides a Lacrosse 101 PowerPoint outlining the rules, yells, and game expectations.

The ultimate goal is to educate the lacrosse community about the sport and make it accessible to everyone.

4. Discipline Your Team

Conditioning is a crucial aspect of sports, not only for athletes but also for the overall enjoyment.

Therefore, it not only helps to limit injury but also enhances strength, muscle function, endurance, and confidence.

Studies by the American College of Sports Medicine suggest that training can prevent injuries during the season.

Body strengthening and education, such as proper cutting on the field, can help prevent injuries during and after game time.

Moreover, conditioning promotes flexibility and coordination through various exercises, reducing the number of injuries.

Athletes who adhere to a strength and conditioning program display more confidence on the field due to improved performance, enhancing the team dynamic.

The hard work and discipline required for conditioning make individuals better people and athletes. Therefore, find the time and do it together as a team!

5. Enhance The Team Spirit


Building a strong team dynamic is essential for overcoming challenges together. To take your team to the next level, it’s a good idea to register them for local tournaments. These tournaments help club-level teams excel.

This will enable them to develop the ability to face tough teams and learn from inevitable losses with a healthy mindset.

Therefore, experiencing losses outside of the regular season can help practice emotional and fundamental skills. It helps the team gel better.

Coaches will get a clear idea of the areas the team needs to work on during the upcoming season. Therefore, players can exercise their mental toughness in sticky situations.

Bonding helps teams retreat, build seminars, and indulge in outdoor activities. These activities can help boost player morale and motivation. Moreover, it helps them build trust, which is crucial for overall performance.

You can build high-performing teams through effective communication. This includes sharing common challenges, positive experiences, and vulnerable storytelling. Such activities can connect teammates deeper, fostering a sense of unity and connection.

Play & Make Memories!

In high school lacrosse, the focus isn’t solely on the game’s outcome, whether winning or losing. It’s more about the caliber of the win you achieve and the level of performance you exhibit in those losses.

Furthermore, the quality of your wins and how you handle your losses plays a crucial role in shaping your overall success in the sport.

Therefore, you can steadily improve your skills by striving to achieve high-quality wins and maintaining a high level of play even in the face of defeat.

So, take your performance to the next level and make good memories!


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