Crawford Responds To Spence’s Eye Injury Excuse

Crawford Responds To Spence's Eye Injury Excuse


Terence ‘Bud’ Crawford has come out of the woodwork to react to Errol Spence Jr’s excuse about fighting him with an injured eye last July.

In a two-word response on X, Crawford said, “No comment.”

Obviously, Spence’s eye surgery was something that happened, so it would have been pointless for Crawford to say that he was just making excuses after the fact. Terence chose not to dignify the excuse by giving his thoughts about it, or did he see it as valid, perhaps?

There are many boxing fans on social media reacting to Spence’s eye injury revelation, saying that he would beat Crawford if he had two good eyes. We still don’t know when the rematch will take place and whether Crawford can take a fight in between.

It seems like Terence only wants Canelo Alvarez, so the Spence rematch might be his best and only option because the Mexican star isn’t expected to face him next May.

They’re already predicting that the former IBF, WBA & WBC welterweight champion Spence (28-1, 22 KOs) will avenge his ninth-round knockout loss from last summer by beating Crawford and showing that he was never as good as people mistakenly believed.

The eye injury might explain why Spence was wearing glasses at the press conference before the fight. Fans thought it was strange to see Errol sporting a pair of spectacles, and that was a red flag right there.


Spence not retiring

“All that said, you can kill the retire stuff, though. Yeah, I got my backside beat stuff was past due. I didn’t live exactly like a boxer for the most part, lol,” said Errol Spence Jr. on Twitter about him not retiring after his loss to Crawford.

Spence admitted to his fans on X, telling them that he hadn’t been living the life of a boxer and that he was bound to lose anyway. The dedication that the Texas native Spence had earlier in his career seemed to have abandoned him five or six years ago, as that’s when he started putting on weight between fights and obviously eating well.

We don’t know how much of a factor Spence’s eye injury played in his loss to the 36-year-old Crawford. There’s no way of knowing if it did prevent him from seeing Terence’s punched.

Perhaps the only true way of knowing if Errol’s eye injury hurt his performance is when he faces Crawford in the rematch. If Spence performs better and possibly beats Crawford, fans will then know that it was his eye that caused him to lose.

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