FFXIV Fanfest 2024 Keynote Summary

FFXIV Fanfest 2024 Keynote Summary


Here is a complete summary of the FFXIV Fanfest 2024 Keynote. Learn everything you missed about the upcoming Dawntrail expansion.

We’re finally here. The FFXIV Fanfest 2024 Keynote just wrapped and revealed a bunch of new info regarding the upcoming Dawntrail expansion. If you missed the keynote, don’t worry. We have a detailed summary of everything you missed right here, especially what content players can expect from the expansion.

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FFXIV Fanfest 2024 Keynote Summary

As is tradition at this point, the keynote kicked off with the extended version of the Dawntrail Cinematic in all its glory, including the full version of the Dawntrail song. Here we also saw the reveal of the new Job as well as the introduction of the long-awaited female Hrothgar.

Dawntrail Release Date

As of now, there is no official release date for the upcoming expansion. The reason for that was the 2-week delay of Endwalker. This time around the team wants to make extra sure everything is done on time before they announce a set release date. Yoshida asks players for patience and promises that they’ll reveal the release date soon.

New Job: Pictomancer

Joining the Viper is the new Pictomancer Job, a ranged magical DPS class that employs magical drawings in combat. FF veterans might remember the job from its debut in Final Fantasy VI where it drew its enemies to employ their techniques. In FFXIV the job is a bit more border, director and producer Naoki Yoshida teased the job would be similar to Red Mage with a support focus, just without a res.

Just like Viper, Pictomancer will start at level 80 and can be picked up in Gridania after the launch of Dawntrail.

FFXIV Patch 6.55 Release Date

We also have a Release Date for the upcoming patch which is the second part of 6.5. This will continue the lead-up to the new Expansion and introduce some of the new characters. This patch will also come with 24-hour maintenance, which is due to the migration of the Japanese Datacenters to newer hardware.

Cosmic Exploration

2024 01 07 03 07 41 Picture in Picture
Image: Square Enix

The new exploration content has players working together with the Lopporits restoring different stars in various ways. This content can be enjoyed solo and with other players. While progressing through the different phases, you’ll be able to see the impact you had on these different stars you’ll be exploring. If this is simply crafting/gathering orientated or similar to Bozja and Eureka is still left to be seen.

New Raid: The Arcadion

2024 01 07 03 11 49 Picture in Picture
Image: Square Enix

Next up is the new raid series called the Arcadion, which is going to be an FFXIV original story. Normal and Savage Difficulty as per usual, but we’ll have to see what exactly this new content entails.

Futures Rewritten (Ultimate)

2024 01 07 03 16 09 Picture in Picture
Image: Square Enix

Next up is the new Ultimate Futures Rewritten which will take on the Eden Raid storyline. Yoshida teased that this Ultimate will be similar to Dragonsong Reprised, meaning that they’ll play with the way the story went.

New Limited Job: Beastmaster

Joining the Blue Mage is the Beastmaster as the next Limited Job. What exactly it is and what content will look like is still left to be announced. Just like Blue Mage, this job won’t be able to participate in regular content but will have its own challenges to complete.

New Race: Female Hrothgar

Last but not least is the new race, or rather the new option that is the female Hrothgar. This highly anticipated addition is the last race that’ll be added to the game. After Hrothgar and Viera were introduced in Shadowbringers and male Viera was introduced in Endwalker, we finally have the female feline race to finish off the set.

For more on FFXIV, check out our wishlist for content in Dawntrail in beyond and our list of things to do during the content draught. We’ll have more on the Fanfest and the expansion soon here on ESTNN


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