VALORANT Kuronami Bundle: Skins, price, and release date

VALORANT Kuronami Bundle: Skins, price, and release date


Riot Games has confirmed that the Kuronami bundle is coming to VALORANT in Episode 8. It is themed around a modernized take on the ninja, with swift precision and water elements incorporated. So, what’s exactly in the new skin collection? We’ve got you covered.

VALORANT Kuronami skins and accessories





Kuronami no Yaiba (Melee)

Animated Player Card

Round Kill Count Gun Budy

Glowing Spray

The weapons have a blue base and upgrades are available for purple, white, and red variants. Effect upgrades are also possible with Radianite. You can unlock animations for the weapon and a finisher, which includes an Easter egg, where you can shoot the bubble that surrounds the enemy and pop it.

It is one of the cooler finishers in VALORANT, and the Kuronami bundle doesn’t stop there. Another Easter egg sees the melee inspection speed up. Your Agent swings the chain of the melee weapon and the more you press the inspect button, the faster it goes.

Price of the bundle

This is definitely one of the more costly bundles to arrive in VALORANT. If you want to get your hands on the Kuronami collection, you’ll need to drop 9,500 VALORANT Points.

Of course, you can purchase items from the bundle individually. The most expensive item is always the melee weapon, with this one on its own coming in at 5,350 VP.

When does the VALORANT Kuronami bundle release?

Omen holds the new Outlaw sniper rifle for DEFIANCE, VALORANT Episode 8.
(Image via Riot Games)

The VALORANT Kuronami bundle is the first new bundle of Episode 8. Once the new patch goes live, you’ll see the shop reset and this exciting new bundle waiting for you.

Episode 8 kicks off on January 9, 2024. Alongside the VALORANT Kuronami bundle, Episode 8 also includes changes to Icebox and Lotus and the first new weapon in the game’s history, the Outlaw.

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