RaceFans Round-up: F1 schedule “on the limit”

RaceFans Round-up: F1 schedule "on the limit"


In the round-up: Christian Horner says the 24-round 2024 F1 calendar is “right on the limit” of what teams’ staff can withstand.

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F1 schedule “on the limit” – Horner

The 24-round calendar for the upcoming season is “right on the limit” of what teams can cope with, says Red Bull team principal Christian Horner.

“It’s a brutal year, and I think it’s something that I’m sure will be on the agenda with Formula 1and the FIA to talk about how can we make life more bearable for everybody involved,” Horner told RaceFans. “Because it is a traveling circus, but it’s a global circus and we need to just make sure that we protect that and the people within it.

“Money is a big driver in any commercial sport. But it can’t come at the price of human health and wellbeing. I think we’re right on the limit.”

Cycling ‘great’ for my mental health – Bottas

Sauber driver Valtteri Bottas says his love of cycling and bike racing helps him deal with the mental strains of racing in Formula 1.

“For me, it’s definitely freedom,” Bottas told the Bobby & Jens podcast. “Especially when I travel and I mostly travel, even to the races, with my bike so I can actually see a lot. If I have a day off before things start, it’s a great way to explore and see places.

“The fitness aspect of it, for sure – it definitely keeps me fit and gives me good endurance. And also mentally I feel like it’s for me is a great way because the Formula 1 world can be really, really hectic. Like when we have back-to-back races or triple-headers, even one single ride between those kind of hectic weeks and days can really reset your mind and get your feet back on the ground again and understand the big picture of the world.”


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