Every Embarrassing Moment in Bulls’ Bizarre Game vs 76ers

Every Embarrassing Moment in Bulls’ Bizarre Game vs 76ers


Things got ugly during the Chicago Bulls’ matchup with the Philadelphia 76ers on Tuesday night.

The Bulls only lost 110-97 in the end, but the game was nowhere near as close as the final scoreline suggested.

Chicago was down by as much as 31 points and never stood a chance after trailing 41-12 late in the first quarter.

In fact, most of the game was straight-up embarrassing before Philly subbed out Joel Embiid for the entire fourth quarter and stopped trying.

For starters, Embiid not only dropped 31 points, 15 rebounds and 10 assists in three quarters, but did so while eating Jolly Ranchers mid-game.

It was a horrific shooting game for Chicago, finishing the night at 37-96 (38.5%) from the field and 7-37 (18.9) from long range.

But things can always be worse. They were still a long way off the worst shooting game of all-time, which funnily enough is a record held by the Chicago Bulls of 1998-99, who managed to make just 23.4 percent of their field goals in a dismal 49-point performance (also an NBA record-low) that didn’t feature a single three-point make.

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Elsewhere in tonight’s game, Ayo Dosunmu had a moment to forget, despite being one of the Bulls’ only two half-decent shooters, when 76ers youngster Jaden Springer spiked his shot into another dimension.

Then there was Kelly Oubre rubbing salt into the wounds. Although he’d suffered a noticeable drop in form since allegedly being the victim of a hit and run, Oubre burst out of the gates and had 13 points in the first quarter alone.

That’s more than his average for a full game since coming back from the injury. Oubre even blew a kiss to the Bulls’ bench, which suggests someone from Chicago must have been talking smack while getting absolutely dominated.

Andre Drummond also had some rough moments, despite grabbing his usual haul of rebounds.

Instead of going hard against his old teammates, Drummond seemed to be completely okay with getting destroyed by them:

Don’t let the final score fool you, this really was an absolute disasterclass from the Bulls.

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