When does the Fortnite Season End? Chapter 5 S1 End Date


Fortnite Chapter 5 is live in the game, boasting tons of new features and expansions. The new season comes right after a mini season and will take us through Epic’s winter break, so season run times can be mixed. When the Fortnite season ends we’ll then move to something entirely new. This game is always moving forward, so when does the Fortnite season end? 

The current Fortnite Season, OG or Chapter 4 Season 5/4.5, is scheduled to end on Friday, March 8th 2024.

This would put it on the longer end of the recent seasons but average for all Fortnite seasons. However, as a launch season for a new Chapter, it’s fairly common to get a few extra weeks. it’s still not approaching the epic Chapter 2 run time. That’s the season end date that’s currently penciled in for the Battle Pass, but sometimes we do get delays for these dates.

Epic didn’t use to give official end dates outside of the Battle Pass expiry, but they’ve stepped up communication this season including a season end date from day one. This is when we expect it to end, how it compares, and if we’ll see any delays.

When does the Fortnite Season End

Source: Epic Games

When Does the Fortnite Season End?

The current season is due to end in the second week of March 2024. The season began at the start of December 2023. This would put the end of the season as a longer one compared to recent runs! The current Battle Pass is pretty fun though so players should have a lot to play with over this date.

When the Fortnite season end date comes on March 8th, the season would end up being 99 days long. The longest since Chapter 3 Season 3. The record length is still a huge 128 days!

C5 S1 might be on the longer side but with so many new features, Winterfest coming, and more, it’s probably fair to get a few extra days. Especially since Epic is launching three separate games inside of Fortnite this season (along with working on that Fortnite OG return).

It’s worth remembering that Epic frequently changes their in-game timers for the end of the season. Chapter 4 Season 1 had a strange situation where in the space of about a week, Epic used three different end dates for the season in official communications. Sometimes differentiating between a season’s “end date” and the next one’s start which were a few days apart. Despite going back and forth, the answer to when does the Fortnite season end then didn’t change too much.

In one of the C4 Season 2 patches, Epic even gave out cosmetics without quests because of an incorrect in-game timer. Their timer for the end of the bonus skin was incorrect and never got corrected. This has meant Epic had to hand out some of the Geralt cosmetics to those who missed it. So far there’s been no issues with the season’s length, but as we’ve seen recently, they can change quickly.

That’s especially true for seasons where Epic takes a break and new Chapter starts, both of which are happening during C5 S1. That’s not even to mention the three new games like Lego Fortnite launching.

Fortnite Lego Chapter 5 - When Does the Fortnite season end

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Will the Current Season be Extended?

The Fortnite season end date we know about so far is not just from references to the end of the Battle Pass, Epic provided it officially this time. Current Fortnite leaks point towards them already testing C5 S3 with an official date locked in. This might mean their schedule is a lot more concrete this Chapter than last time. Extensions can still happen, but for now, it’s safe to say that March 8th 2024 is the end date. The new games released might be big, but Epic has been planning all three since C2.

Previous Fortnite seasons have been extended quite a lot. Specifically, Chapter 2 Seasons 1 and 2 for their length! Those two early seasons ran for 128 days and 119 days respectively. Many players’ time spent on Fortnite went up significantly with all of the grinding. It’s not guaranteed we won’t get another major extension like this in the future.

While we could see a longer delay to the Fortnite season end date, it’s unlikely this time.  The next season’s release date is further out than the normal season length. this extra time gives them a safe margin for the game to get up to speed after the Christmas break. Of course, a new season isn’t static for Fortnite. Epic adds tons of items weekly, so keep an eye on the latest Fortnite news for the top updates!


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