How does it compare to PUBG Mobile?


Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Esports made a comeback in 2023 after the game finally returned post a year-long hiatus. With multiple competitions taking place, fans have been wondering what the BGMI Esports Points Table System is and how it compares to the PUBG Mobile ecosystem. 

Since the comeback of BGMI, there have been two official LAN tournaments: the India Series (BGIS), and the Pro Series (BMPS). There have also been multiple offline and online third-party events that have taken place across India. With the competition rising and roster shuffles taking place left right and center, the ecosystem is thriving. Between BGMI and PUBG Mobile, though, there is a major difference in the points table system. 

BGMI Esports

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What Is The BGMI Esports Points Table System?

We have seen the points system change multiple times since the launch of the game in 2018. But BGMI has quite a unique points system of its own. Below is the BGMI Esports Points Table which is used in tournaments currently:

1st Place – 15 points
2nd Place – 12 points
3rd Place – 10 points
4th Place – 8 points
5th Place – 6 points
6th Place – 4 points
7th Place – 2 points
8th to 12th Place – 1 point
13th to 16th Place – 0 points

Each kill gets 1 point. At the end of the game, your total points are calculated based on the number of kills you get and your placement. In case of a tiebreaker, the team with the higher placement points is prioritized. Thus, this points table is more placement position-oriented.

What Is The PUBG Mobile Esports Points Table System?

PUBG Mobile, on the other hand, utilizes a different points system. Here is what it looks like:

1st Place – 10 points
2nd Place – 6 points
3rd Place – 5 points
4th Place – 4 points
5th Place – 3 points
6th Place – 2 points
7th and 8th Place – 1 point
9th to 16th Place – 0 points

Each finish in the game will get you 1 point in the match as well. This points system was introduced at the start of 2023 to make esports more kill centric.

BGMI Esports Points Table System

Image Credits: Nodwin Gaming

Which is better?

There is no such objective of analyzing which system is better. Many players believe that BGMI is the better one since the goal of a battle royale game is survival. However, the PUBG Mobile esports points system makes teams go for kills, making matches much more exciting.

Additionally, the BGMI Esports Points Table was the same one used for PUBG Mobile in 2022. Thus, it’s possible that BGMI will adopt the newer points table prioritizing kills soon as well. 


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