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STYKO Discusses 2023 Earnings


Apeks rifler Martin “⁠STYKO⁠” Styk has revealed how much he banked over the past 12 months

Martin “⁠STYKO⁠” Styk has recently shared a detailed overview of his earnings from the esports industry throughout 2023 in a YouTube video.

How Much Did STYKO Earn in 2023?

STYKO’s earnings from esports activities in 2023 tallied up to an impressive sum of €461,253. While a substantial portion—€150,000 annually—was attributed to his foundational monthly salary of €12,500, the majority of his income derived from a myriad of diverse sources.

These include performance-based incentives ingrained within his contract with Apeks, revenue generated through his active presence on YouTube and Twitch, support from personal sponsorships, winnings from competitions, and notably, a significant contribution from sticker-related revenue.

Due to a confidentiality agreement signed by all players with Valve before the Paris Major, the Slovakian was unable to disclose the precise amount earned from featuring his signature and Apeks’ team sticker in the game. That said, it can be easily deduced that he has earned a significant amount from Paris Major sticker sales since Apeks made it to the semifinals of the competition.

STYKO Discusses 2023 Earnings

Credit: BLAST Premier

STYKO also hinted that the sticker sales brought in considerable revenue. He explained that the Paris Major had a heightened sense of interest because it was the only Valve event of the year and the final major before the CS2 transition.

“2023 was my most successful year when it came to earnings,” he said, “but despite that, when you look at prize winnings, it’s not that great.”

The 27-year-old revealed that he earned €13,500 in tournament prize money, comprising 7.14% of his total income in 2023. Half of Apeks’ total prize money was retained by the organization, with the remaining sum distributed evenly among the players and coaching duo, ensuring an equal share of the earnings for each member.

He contrasted his present earnings with those of 2018 when his contributions to MOUZ led STYKO’s lineup to a total prize money accumulation of $603,900 (€546,557), divided among the organization and staff from three tournament victories. This amount, nearly five times higher than what Apeks earned alongside STYKO this year, emphasizes the substantial disparity. 2023 remains the most financially rewarding year, nonetheless, he has experienced thus far.

Sticker revenue emerged as the major influencer behind his earnings, with a noteworthy €297,753 sourced from avenues apart from base salary and tournament prizes. A considerable segment of this figure is anticipated to have come from sales of in-game offerings.


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