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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) is one of the most popular mobile MOBA games worldwide. The game has been able to build up such a huge player base through its highly accessible specifications and beginner-friendly user interface. One of the other reasons, though, is the constant new content in MLBB which keeps them fresh, such as the latest hero, Cici.

MOONTON released Cici into MLBB on Dec. 27. The new hero is a Fighter, and her high maneuverability makes her a good option in the Jungle. Here’s the complete guide to her abilities so you can dive straight in and use Cici to rank up in MLBB.


Image Credits: MOONTON

Mobile Legends (MLBB) Cici: Abilities Explained

MLBB is a Fighter, but her abilities allow her to maintain a range from enemies and quickly spring around during team fights. This comes in very handy as she is pretty squishy.

Passive – Performer’s Delight

Her passive allows Cici to generate a stack of Delight after dealing damage. This increases her movement speed and spells vamp by one percent for a total of 10 stacks. Additionally, the final stack will double her effects.

The passive comes in really handy for a hero like Cici. Staying at the edge of team fights and poking damage to stack up on Delight will allow players to quickly move around and evade enemy attacks.

Skill one: Yo-Yo Blitz

Cici is one of the cooler MLBB heroes, roaming around with a yo-yo at all times. This cute today might seem harmless, but she can turn it into an offense with her first ability, the Yo-Yo Blitz.

With this, she throws her Yo-Yo at the nearest enemy and locks onto them for 3.5 seconds. She hits them 10 times when locked in and deals Physical Damage plus extra physical attack damage.

Additionally, the ability allows her to move around and use other skills where the Yo-Yo is locked onto an enemy.


Image Credits: MOONTON

Skill two: Buoyant Bounce

The Buoyant Bounce can be used to make Cici leap into a target location in MLBB. If she lands on a unit, she can jump again in the joystick’s direction.

Additionally, if the first Buoyant Bounce lands on an enemy, she will deal Physical Damage to them.

Cici’s Ultimate in MLBB, Curtain Call, calls on the Yo-Yo again

Cici’s ultimate in MLBB also makes use of her legendary Yo-Yo. She throws it to an enemy hero which then links them to another enemy. It deals Physical Damage, slows the two enemies, and pulls them together.

Cici can make use of her Yo-Yo blitz to attack the enemies. Additionally, if you are able to time it perfectly, the Buoyant Bounce can be used after to deal more damage.

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