How to Steal The Nutcracker Shotgun in Lethal Company

How to Steal The Nutcracker Shotgun in Lethal Company


Here’s how to get the Nutcracker’s shotgun and use it in Lethal Company

Nutcracker is a new type of shotgun-wielding enemy added to the overnight Steam hit Lethal Company. Beneath the Nutcracker doll’s head is a one eyed creature that controls the Nutcracker. Being a new addition to the game, the double-barrel shotgun wielding enemy roams the corridors on Interior.

The Nutcracker is an extremely dangerous enemy to deal with once you’re in its line of sight. The newly added double-barrel is very potent and requires you to get to cover or high ground in order to evade getting shot.

The Nutcracker’s shotgun offers a mag size of two shots, and the enemy fires one shot after the other. The enemy basically has unlimited ammo, but you get a total of four shots after pick it up from him.

How to Steal The Nutcracker Shotgun

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The answer is yes, absolutely you can steal the Nutcracker’s shotgun from behind or after killing the Nutcracker. You need to defeat him with a shovel and equip his shotgun.

Get too close to the Nutcracker, and he kicks you and you’re dead. It takes just shot from his shotgun to kill you. Best strategy is, to get to cover behind a wall, allow the Nutcracker to fire two shots, and while he reloads, shovel him. It takes five hits from the shovel to kill the Nutcracker.

The shotgun is the latest addition to the game’s list of weapons, and it already has put the good old shovel to shame. The shotgun cannot be picked up as scrap or purchased from the Terminal, as it requires the player to steal it from a Nutcracker.

However, if you need two extra bullets along with loaded shotgun that contains twobullets, you’ll need to kill and then equip it from a dead Nutcracker.

Here are the default keybinds for the shotgun:Fire – Left Click On the Mouse Reload – (E)Safety Toggle On/Off – (Q)

The double-barreled shotgun is so potent that it can one-shot many types of enemies such as the Thumpers. The weapon is an absolute fit to take out monsters such as Jester, Bracken and other creatures roaming the Facility.  

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