Is Skullgirls Crossplay? Does Fighter Have Cross-Platform Play?


Skullgirls is a really fun fighter with a unique approach to the genre that’s one of the best on most major consoles. While a little older, thanks to its constant support it still ranks as one of the best fighting games. In recent years it has popped up on even more consoles too, so players on various platforms can all enjoy Skullgirls. Can they enjoy it together though, is Skullgirls crossplay?

Skullgirls is offered on quite a few different places. There’s PC, there are consoles, and thanks to its 11-year life span there are now multiple console generations worth of Skullgirls players. The big question is if you can get together with your friends and fight it out in Skullgirls crossplay. Even outside of direct matches, can you play Skulllgirls across multiple platforms and carry things over with Skullgirls cross-progression? This is how multiplatform works and if you can play with your friends.

Is Skullgirls Crossplay

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Is Skullgirls Crossplay?

In terms of is Skullgirls crossplay, the answer isn’t the simplest. This isn’t a modern game released with cross-platform play as a central feature. Skullgirls was first released in 2016, on Vita and PS4. In the time since it’s had a lot of changes and made it onto more platforms, even eventually seeing Skullgirls on Xbox. However, crossplay hasn’t always followed new platforms.

The original PlayStation versions of the game did have crossover. Players on Vita and PlayStation 4 were able to play together since the games had a lot in common. This even had a “crossbuy” feature. However, crossplay hasn’t been as extensive since.

While we’ve seen quite a few extra features added, the answer to is Skullgirls crossplay is still largely no. Most platforms are limited to their own ecosystems. The game has it between PlayStation devices for example, but not between PlayStation and PC or Xbox and PC.

Is Skullgirls Crossplay

Source: Autumn Games

Is There Skullgirls Cross Progression?

Skullgirls crossplay might not be the most expansive compared to other titles, even other older games like with Brawlhalla crossplay. However, cross-progression is a bit different. The game won’t let you progress through a save on any device and purchases don’t carry over… aside from on its original platforms, kind of.

Skullgirls on PlayStation 4 and Vita have a cross buy feature. Get either game and you can unlock the other. However, you don’t share progression even if purchases carry over. Skullgirls isn’t the most grindy game where you try and unlock stuff over time. The game does let its original players move between two platforms, but that’s the extent of it. The rest of the platforms don’t have Skullgirls crossplay, and it doesn’t seem to be on the cards either.

That’s how things look at the moment. The game is still receiving updates though, like DLC characters such as Marie in Skullgirls. So, players might eventually get the feature, even if it looks really unlikely right now.


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