5 Best Ready or Not Mods

5 Best Ready or Not Mods


What PC game would it be if there weren’t mods ready to make the experience better? Ready or Not has had a good reception from the public, but that doesn’t mean there are some things that players would like to see improved over time. To alleviate this desire, the usual modders have thought about it and released some really interesting Ready or Not mods that can bring the gaming experience to another level.

In this article, therefore, we will point out some of the best mods that are currently available for the game, so that you too can benefit from the hard work done by the community. Furthermore, at the end of the article, we will also provide you with a quick guide on how to install the Ready or Not mods, in case you don’t know how to do it.

What Are the Best Ready or Not Mods?

If you are a player who often uses mods in games, you will surely be aware of the Nexus portal, a site where all the mods that are available for the various games are collected. As for Ready or Not, there are currently many different mods available that allow you to shape the game more or less to your liking. For this reason, the best Ready or Not mods are actually quite subjective, but in this article, we have decided to show you those that can be useful to more or less everyone.

Better Enemy Behavior

Running into unfriendly characters in Ready or Not can be a bit annoying because of the enemies’ smart computer brains. These foes are super good at aiming and can wipe out players the moment they see them. This mod in the game will kind of make enemies less powerful. Now, they won’t shoot right away; they’ll take a little longer and won’t aim as well. Slowing down the enemies’ reactions and aim makes the game simpler for players, letting them feel more powerful.

Ready or Not Here I Come AI Realistic Mod Pack

This mod is the opposite of the previous one. If you’re not into taking it easy, you might dig the Ready Or Not Here I Come AI Realistic Mod Pack. This mod cranks up the action, throwing players into some hardcore battles where tactical skills are a must. The AI gets a lot more lifelike, and their unpredictable moves mean every split-second decision really matters to keep you and your team in the game, especially in those tricky tactical modes that make things even tougher.

Ready or Not mods

Player Respawn

In Ready or Not, there’s this interesting twist that players might either really enjoy or totally dislike – once you’re dead, you’re out until the mission starts over or finishes. If you bite the dust, you’re stuck watching the action from the sidelines. But, thanks to the Player Respawn Script mod, you get a second chance. You will come back to life at the beginning of the map, so you can jump back into the game and avoid being stuck as a spectator just because a bomb surprised you behind a door or an overeager enemy took you out.

Stronger Swat For 1.0

Here’s a simple yet effective mod called Stronger Swat For 1.0. It’s like a health booster for players, giving them a bit more staying power in the game. Now, you can amp up and customize your health without going overboard. You get to choose from these health options: 330, 500, and 700. These numbers are a big bump from the regular stats, letting players have a blast on missions. While you won’t be invincible, you can definitely handle more gunfights without worrying too much, especially when healing is a bit scarce.

Gunfighter Gameplay Improvement 3 V1.0

Thanks to this mod, players can look forward to even more realistic gunfights. The aiming skills and close-quarter combat situations feel way more authentic. It adds a fresh tactical twist to the game, giving players a new and improved combat experience. If you’re into tactical shooters, this mod is definitely worth a try for its enhanced and revamped combat possibilities.

Ready or Not mods


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