Gervonta Davis Warns Devin Haney: “Your Father’s Gonna Cry For What I Do To You”

Gervonta Davis Warns Devin Haney: “Your Father’s Gonna Cry For What I Do To You”

In the ring, the handiwork of Gervonta Davis can be spotted a mile away. The newly turned 25-year-old normally leaves the faces of his opponents disfigured and unrecognizable. His propensity for violence, however, often dissipates once the adrenaline is gone and things cool down.

Outside the ring, Davis mostly keeps a low profile, despite being one of the most called-out boxers in the world. The need to hurl bombastic threats in his direction are usually extraneous, but Bill Haney knows how to get a response out of him.

Devin Haney, Bill’s son and current WBC super lightweight champion, arguably scored the most impressive victory of his career, a lopsided victory over former titlist, Regis Prograis. There wasn’t a single second where the 25-year-old wasn’t in control, prompting him to stick out his chest and brag about his latest exploits.

Bill, unsurprisingly, watched proudly from his son’s corner. Once his now two-division champ scored the victory, he immediately turned his attention towards Davis. From making fun of his weight to calling Davis a paper champion, Bill is doing his best to push the buttons of the Baltimore native.

Initially, Davis shrugged his shoulders before giving the Haney’s a ho-hum response. But, after listening to Bill’s words repeatedly, Davis officially warned Devin that the beating he’s on the verge of experiencing will not only hurt him but also his father.

“I promise you,” wrote Davis on his social media account. “Your father gonna cry for what I’m a do to you.”

Davis, of course, is waiting til the calendar hits 2024 before revealing his future plans. After spending his 2023 permanently closing the mouths of a pair of Garcia’s, Davis promises to do the same to the Haney’s.

Ultimately, Davis is one of boxing’s biggest stars and cash cows. Meaning, he decides when a showdown between himself and Devin Haney can become a reality. For now, he’ll simply sit back and enjoy his holidays. Although he loathes Devin and can’t wait to jump into the ring with him, he wants him to celebrate his latest win.

“Your best bet is to enjoy it while you can.”

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