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In what looks like the most unbalanced week in esports history (on paper, at least), Week Two of the Call of Duty League unfolded bizarrely. Out of the ten matches that were played this weekend, six yielded a 3 – 0 scoreline, with the remaining four matches ending with a 3 – 1 finish. It was like each match was weighted specifically towards one team winning, and in each fixture, the opposing side just couldn’t gain any major traction whatsoever.

It was probably the fastest weekend of play we’ve seen since the CDL debuted in 2020. There were some standout competitors, though – the Miami Heretics rocketed to the top of the CDL standings, while the likes of Minnesota Rokkr still sit at the bottom of the board without having a single win. It was a dramatic week throughout, and thanks to the festive period, there will no b e no more Call of Duty League fixtures until Friday, January 12.

Heretics Screaming Ahead

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Following crushing victories against both the Minnesota Rokkr and Las Vegas Legion, Miami Heretics catapulted to the top of the Call of Duty League standings. At present, the team boasts a better win-loss record than Atlanta FaZe, which still sits firmly as the favourite to win the League this year. There’s a special commendation earned by Heretics’ Lucky, who was on a straight burner throughout the entire weekend.

Behind the Heretics, a shout-out to Boston Breach simply must be made. This team suffered a woeful defeat at the hands of the LA Thieves and then bounced back monumentally well to defeat Toronto Ultra with a 3 – 0 scoreline. It was an incredible display of talent that saw the likes of Snoopy (Breach) hit huge kill counts, especially in the opening Hardpoint. There was a breakdown for Toronto Ultra, and at one point in that opening round, Envoy almost picked up a triple negative KD.

Elsewhere, it was a miserable weekend for the Carolina Royal Ravens, with the team failing to secure a single map against both OpTic Texas and Toronto Ultra. It was a tough ask for the team to square off against these squads, but it seems like the Royal Ravens couldn’t even get a moment to breathe in these fixtures. It was a wash against OpTic Texas, with the green team picking up almost effortless wins in all three rounds.

Going To 2024

Now, we are preparing to head into 2024 in earnest. It has been a solid introductory period to this year’s Call of Duty League season, and the power players have been well and truly established. As we go into the 2024 season, here’s the state of play:

Miami Heretics (3 – 0)
Atlanta FaZe (3 – 0)
New York Subliners (3 – 0)
OpTic Texas (3 – 1)
Toronto Ultra (2 – 1)
Seattle Surge (2 – 2)
LA Guerrillas (1 – 2)
Boston Breach (1 – 3)
Las Vegas Legion (1 – 3)
LA Thieves (1 – 3)
Carolina Royal Ravens (1 – 3)
Minnesota Rokkr (0 – 3)

There’s a busy year ahead, and from the 25th to the 28th of January, the first Major of the season will unfold in Boston. It’s an exciting time to be a Call of Duty League fan, that’s for sure – let’s hope the controversies that have surfaced these past weeks are put to bed and the League unfolds with nothing but positivity going forward.

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