Saudi Arabia Building The World’s First ‘Esports District’ in Qiddiya

It has been revealed by Qiddiya Investment Company that Saudi Arabia plans to build the ‘world’s first comprehensive gaming and esports district’. There are ambitious blueprints at play that’ll see an enormous site being constructed in the heart of Qiddiya City, comprised of four cutting-edge esports venues, a super-sized esports stadium, and accommodation for up to twenty-five ‘esports clubs’.

At present, Qiddiya is under construction, with the development of the ‘entertainment megaproject’ rolling out in phases. When completed, Qiddiya will consist of theme parks, record-breaking rollercoasters, more than three hundred activities and entertainment centres, and yes, the grandest esports and gaming district in the world. It’s a lofty project, but it’s where Saudi Arabia is heading, and in recent months, the nation has invested huge sums of money in the esports industry and formed landmark partnerships.

Stunning Ambition

qiddiya esports district

Image Credit: Qiddiya Investment Company

From the conceptual imagery that has been shared of Qiddiya’s proposed esports district, it’s obvious how intense this project will be once delivered. From a stadium that can seat 73,000 spectators to a crowd of thousands sitting in front of the world’s largest indoor LED screen, there’s a lot of technology and scope being sized up for the project. There’s a vision to build four state-of-the-art esports venues, bursting at the seams with lightning-fast networks, the latest equipment, and plenty of RGB lighting.

In a statement, the MD of the Qiddiya Investment Company, Abdullah Al Dawood, said:

‘Qiddiya City is thrilled to establish this ground-breaking gaming and esports district, delivering an immersive, gamified experience for both visitors and residents.’

Through the proposal, we’ve learnt that the planned district will take up a whopping 500,000 square meters, and that includes 100,000 square meters of gaming-themed retail outlets. There will be ample space reserved for hospitality and dining options, and up to twenty-five esports organisations can call Qiddiya’s new district home, thanks to fresh accommodations being built for them. It’s gaming through and through – it has been stressed that everything from the hotels to the very streets of the district are game-themed.

Alongside this esports district, Qiddiya is also set to become a landmark base of operations for thirty video game companies, from developers to publishers and everything in between. There might be those who doubt Saudi Arabia’s intentions in pushing so hard into the esports and gaming space, but one thing is for sure – this kind of staggering, record-breaking investment isn’t all bad for the industry.

It’s expected that the district will be recording ten million annual visits by 2030. Will you be one of them?

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