New Update Hints At Train CS2 Remake


Valve dropped a brand-new update for Counter-Strike 2 last night, and it has been revealed by dataminers that it contains hints toward a potential Train CS2 remake.

New Train CS2 remake?

Train remains one of the best Counter-Strike maps ever, with a long history dating back to CS 1.6. Despite its popularity (particularly among pros), it was removed from the Active Duty map pool in May 2021 to make way for Ancient. While it remained playable until the end of CS:GO, it hasn’t been seen since on the pro circuit.

Train CS2

Credit: Daniel Morris

After a few years out of the spotlight, it seems the map is finally being prepped to return. Popular dataminers gabefollower and aquaismissing have revealed that a recent update to the game included assets for a potential Train CS2 remake.

Ultimately, this doesn’t confirm that Train is coming to CS2 immediately. However, a remake is in the works, which is exciting news for fans of a map that hasn’t been refreshed in nearly a decade.

Playing Train on CS2

If you can’t wait to play the Train CS2 remake, you’ve got a great option in the meantime. A port of CS:GO’s Train to CS2 was completed by user RockFeller on the Steam Workshop.

Train CS2

Credit: Daniel Morris

Sure, you’ll be playing with bots, but it’s the best you’ll get right now. Personally, we can’t wait for Train to return. It’s one of the highest-skilled maps in the pool, and it’ll be interesting to see what players do with it in CS2.

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