What Pros Wear: 8 Best Gifts for Baseball Players $25-$495 (2023)

What Pros Wear: 8 Best Gifts for Baseball Players $25-$495 (2023)


We see just about every piece of baseball gear on the planet, and here are the eight things we’d most enjoy receiving as a gift. (Ahem, mom are you reading this?)

Michael Harris II in a Nokona Showbelt and custom Franklin CFX Pro

Worn by nearly every Big Leaguer out there, Nokona Show Belts offer the ability to add that extra dimension of flare to your game. Its customizer has no shortage of options, with materials ranging from caiman to calfskin to go along with the dozens of colors to pick from. Whether rocking the Zac Gallen snakeskin or the Jo Adell shiny patent leather, you can add your name, number, and/or initials to put the bow on a great gift for a ballplayer looking to stand out on the diamond.

JP Crawford rocking a Custom Numbered arm sleeve in purple with #3 on the wrist.

With 18+ colors to choose from, C# has been my go-to arm sleeve all year long… as has its been for two-time World Champion Alex Bregman and dozens of other MLB guys. Performance wise, they have been fantastic; I used to frequently feel pain in my throwing arm but that has been a non-issue during a calendar year that I played the most games in my life. I particularly like their microfiber sleeve, which is the one all the pros are wearing.

A massive addition was getting to change the embroidery color in the text field – thanks, JP Crawford – I have some with my number and some with my initials, both in team and non-team colors to keep the flavors fresh. You won’t find a more customizable product in sports under $40.

Lindor in the FuelCell Lindor 2

Most brands have been dropping fairly conservative colorways, but Francisco Lindor’s style is anything but. I have really been enjoying what New Balance has dropped for the Mets shortstop and can confirm that both the off-field sneaker and the cleat are very comfortable, as the owner of both.

With a dual-strap lockdown system and elastic to replace shoelaces, the latest in Lindor’s signature line is sure to keep your foot stable while looking good, too.

Rawlings went crazy with their 2024 lineup, dropping over a dozen wild patterns and colorways that are sure to offer something for everyone.

Francisco Lindor and one of his many Rawlings REV1X gloves.

Worn in game by platinum glover Francisco Lindor and gold glover Brendan Rodgers (among others), I have found the REV to perform really well and think it is extremely comfortable on the hand. Plus, it’s a whole lot more flashy than your regular dyed leather. My choice is the “Cotton Candy” colorway but there are many others.

You can truly never go wrong with a pair of shades as a gift as they can be the difference between making a play and letting one drop in for a hit. Of course your Flaks and Radars are always a classic choice, but we’ll throw in the Corridors into the mix just to switch the style up. Whether you seek something prescription, polarized, or personalized, Oakley has got you covered.

Jose Siri wearing a Polly necklace by Milton Ramos

Continuing on the theme of individuality and showcasing your personal style, Polly necklaces by Milton Ramos are sure to catch anyone’s eye out there on the field. Stunningly showcased here by the first ever 40 HR/70 SB man Ronald Acuña, there are a bunch of different colored offerings on the site that also include glow-in-the-dark features. Or, if you’d like to go the custom route for something 1-of-1, you can reach out to Ramos via direct message on Instagram.

Very unique and truly unlike anything else on the market, the Pro Velocity Bat is a training tool that assists with increasing bat speed, developing powerful mechanics, and getting stronger. Many young studs on the Tampa Bay Rays describe their use of the bat here, specifically referring to the elastic bands that can be used to increase resistance during cage drills. Deployed by Kolten Wong, Dee Gordon, Nick Madrigal, and Steven Kwan (to name a few), I personally have seen some major strides in my offensive game after implementing the tool into my hitting sessions.

Ball Player’s Balm introduced a fun and creative wrinkle into the accessory segment by adding scents to bat tack. Available in Cotton Candy, Banana, Cherry, Grape, and (my personal favorite) Fruity Cereal, hitters are always looking to enhance their grip on the bat – might as well make it an aromatic endeavor. The brand also offers baseball glove conditioners, cleaners, laces, and a whole lot more for your ballplayer to take proper care of their beloved gamer.


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