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With there being multiple tournaments for BGMI being hosted in India every month, many wondered what the situation would be in 2024. The Snapdragon Pro Series, a global esports IP by ESL, has now expanded in India to include a major BGMI tournament. The BGMI Snapdragon Pro Series 2024 will feature a prize pool of INR 1 Crore (about $120,000).

Within this article, we will be taking a look at the details of this event as well as what could one expect from this event.


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What Is The Format For the BGMI Snapdragon Pro Series?

The Snapdragon Pro Series has been split into three stages and will feature open-for-all qualifiers. These are as follows: 

Conquest Open (Stage 1)
Challenge Season (Stage 2)
Challenge Finals (Stage 3)

Registrations for the event are currently live. From here, the teams will compete in the Conquest Open.

Conquest Open

During the Conquest Open, the first 2048 teams to get verified and registered will take part in this phase of the event. From these 2048 teams, only the top 8 teams will make it to the next stage. This means that each team from this phase has a 1 in 256 chance of making it into the next stage stage. Following completion of the Contest Open, the top 8 teams will go to the Challenge Season.

Challenge Season

BGMI Snapdragon Pro Series

Image Credits: ESL India

During the Challenge Season, the top 8 teams from the previous round will face off against the 24 invited teams to the event. Ideally, these would be Tier 1 teams who have been performing well in the last few events. This Challenge Season will take place over 12 days of intense matches between the 24 teams. Following the completion of the 12 days the top 16 teams will then qualify for the next phase of the event.

Snapdragon Pro Series Challenge Finals: Top 16 BGMI teams to compete

Finally, the final phase of the event is called Challenge Finals. This will take place in a LAN environment across 3 days.

Currently, ESL India hasn’t revealed the schedule for the event. With BGIS already having an event with over 7,000 fans in an arena and BMPS expected to have even more, the Snapdragon Pro Series is set to be a grand LAN event, too. 

This year, in India we have already seen multiple LAN events for BGMI being hosted nationwide. This would include the Skyesports Championship 5.0, the Upthrust Esports Diwali Party, BGMS, and BGIS.

Currently, in India, the BGMI Pro Series is happening. The finals of the BMPS will happen in Ahmedabad from Dec. 15 to 17. 


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