Best Fortnite Chapter 5 Weapon Mods

Best Fortnite Chapter 5 Weapon Mods

How do the new Fortnite Chapter 5 weapon mods work? It’s a new mechanic and one that will make a major difference to how you perform in-game.

Fortnite Chapter 5 has introduced tons of new features. There’s a new Lego mode coming (with a free FN Lego skin), a new map, but the biggest in Battle Royale though is likely mods. Like in other BR games, Fortnite now allows the customization of weapons! Using Fortnite weapon mods, you’re able to personalise each gun. In terms of making a difference to the gun’s core functionality, these can go quite far. Players might be surprised by how major of a change they can make to how their favorite gun functions. What are the best Fortnite weapon mods and which should you avoid though? It can be complex.

Even putting the Fortnite weapon attachments onto the gun is different here. Rather than adding them to the loot pool Epic has taken their own direction. This has meant half the loot you find in the game has crazy names that don’t tell you what the weapon is. Plus, you might find bizarre builds like a scope-less sniper or a shotgun with a zoom lens. Finding the best C5 weapons means finding the best mods, or putting them on the gun yourself.

How does the Fortnite mod system work and how can you reconfigure everything to get the best chances of winning Fortnite games? We’ll cover how everything works and what you need to know.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Weapon Mods – How Does it Work?

Fortnite Chapter 5 Weapon Mods

Weapon mods are in Fortnite but not in the same way that other games have done them. Rather than let the loot pool get cluttered with mods becoming standalone items to be attached to guns, Epic has gone for something simpler. In Chapter 5 Season 1, each weapon you can find has a chance of already containing a weapon mod. You don’t get a choice. The guns simply already have something attached depending on their rarity level. This is how many mods each weapon rarity level gets:

Common (Grey) – No Mod
Uncommon (Green) – One Mod
Rare (Blue) – Two Mods
Epic (Purple) – Three Mods
Legendary (Gold) – Four Mods
Mythics – Fully Loaded, but can’t be changed

The mods in loot you find are random. They aren’t pre-designed and can often ruin the weapon as much as they help it. Mythics have a set of Fortnite weapon mods that they always come with. For general loot though, it’s random. However, you can change that. The mod benches allow you to change the mods that are attached to your guns. Although, these are only located in a few specific spots.

If you want an exact gun, you’ll need to get kind of lucky. Either you find it naturally and can just pick it up, or you make it yourself. In the latter case, you’ll need to head to one of only a few Fortnite weapon mod bench locations and then purchase the correct mods. Basically, there are extra steps in looting. Each step now contains more busy work than ever. It’s not too uncommon to spend the game up until the last circle trying to do a basic task that used to be accomplished in the first circle, finding a decent gun.

While there is a lot more to do in each game of Fortnite, there’s also potential to build something special. If you want to speed the process up, it helps to know what all the Fortnite Chapter 5 weapon mods are and what they can do.

Weapon Mod List – All Fortnite Weapon Attachments

Fortnite Chapter 5 Weapon Mods

The Fortnite Weapon mods are all the same for each gun. They have different effects, but each mod achieves the same thing. A scope put on a sniper will give it an ADS scope the same it does for a pistol or shotgun. These are all of the Fortnite weapon mods and what they do.


Sniper Scope (4X)
P2X Scope (2X)
Holo Optic
Red Eye


Drum Mag (bigger mag)
Speed Mag (Faster)


Laser (Better hip fire)
Angled Foregrip (Less Recoil
Vertical Foregrip (Faster ADS)


Muzzle Break (Reduce Recoil
Suppressor (Quieter)

The Best Fortnite Weapon Mods

Fortnite Chapter 5 Weapon Mods

Those are all of the Fortnite weapon mods but which ones should you be going for? Since you’re taking down a boss and getting a giant yellow circle around you, you’ll likely want to make your picks count. There are a few stand-out Fortnite Chapter 5 mods which make a major difference. These are the most important attachments to focus on.


Pretty much every scope has a use right now. Depending on which gun you’re modding the scopes can turn them into some of the best weapons we’ve seen. The sniper obviously benefits from getting a long-range scope, as it’s basically useless as a sniper without one. The ARs though can absolutely shred and adding a scope to them can massively increase your kill counts each game. Even shotguns have been a bit of fun with the close-range Fortnite weapon attachments.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Weapon Mods

Drum Mag Size

The next major improvement we’ve noticed already is with the Drum Fortnite weapon mods, this increases the Magazine size of the gun you’ve attached it to. For some weapons, this has obvious benefits. A properly modded AR this season can kill a player in Battler Royale or Zero Builds within a second. Add a bigger magazine and you’ll be able to sweep a Trio out of the game in literal seconds, before they can even respond.

More Fortnite Weapon Attachments are Coming

The launch of the season has seen quite a few features held back for the future, including more Fortnite Chapter 5 weapon mods. We’re already seeing new leaks for returning Augments which means we’re getting additional mods. These apparently include more sights. Along with the bonus skins and other additions to the FN C5 Battle Pass

We’ll have to wait and see what exactly Epic delivers, but this is a part of the game that is definitely here to stay, at least for this season. Given how much Fortnite Chapter 5 weapon mods can change a weapon, players will have to get used to taking those trips down to the mod bench if they want to stay competitive.

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