Lesser Known Racing Series In The World And Their Countries Where They Are From

Lesser Known Racing Series In The World And Their Countries Where They Are From

Brazil’s Stock car pro series( image 1-4, the major racing series in brazil, racing since 1979, 550 hp, in 2023 they use cars based on toyota corolla and chevrolet cruze, the 4th image is their prototype of their new car for the 2025 season, now they have a very similar pefomance than a cup car, but this new car will be even faster

Argentina’s turismo carretera, image 5-8, the oldest racing series in the world, since 1937, they use old silhouette cars of the 70s, only updating trought the years, image 7-8 are their new silhouette cars, but using the same chassis, they have 470 hp and 9000 rpm

South korea’s Super Race, image 9-11, the major racing series in SK, they have many classes there, the fastest one being the super 6000, where nowadays they use these toyota supra with 460 hp

Mexico’s Supercopa, image 12-14, the second major racing series in mexico after the nascar mexico, they also have many classes, the GTM class being the fastest one, with 550 hp, the cars are based on the mercedes a class

Sweden/Norway’s scandinavian touring cars championshop(stcc) image 15-17, the major racing series in that place, nowadays they use TCR cars, but in 2024 they will change their cars to eletric cars to be the first national racing series in the world to be all electric, the cars will have an amazing perfomance, very nice

South Africa’s Global touring cars championship, image 18-20, one of the major racing series in south africa, using these cars that are very similar to tcr cars, but faster, 430 hp, in south africa they also race gt3 cars, and another type of gt cars very similar to Trans Am cars in a series called Mobil 1 V8 Supercars

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